Anyone can create a Vitael, however they must roleplay it out with a person who has an enormously need for help and extraordinary strong powers (If the powers in question are psychic, then the strength of powers are not that big). Because of this, they can also be created un-intentionally if a plot effects a character in this way.

But you must RP it out with the other person and they must be okay with you using their "need"!

Contact: Jenzo770 (forum), or Aliquis770 (Y!IM).


A vitael's appearance is heavily influenced by its creator's subconcious. It can be another race or a living inanimate object, etc.


The Vitael are made out of other peoples needs and imaginations. An example: If you as a child had a trauma big enough to make your mind force you to forget everything about it, and years later, this trauma needs to be unsolved and your tossed into a world you should know but have no guess at what it is, and you need, you crave for someone to guide or help you, and if you then have strong, often latent powers, a Vitael will be born.

The need for help has to be strong. It is not easy to make a Vitael. And one is never aware that they have actually done so.


  • You cannot conciously design and make a vitael.
  • There will never be a vitael with the form of someone alive.

Strengths, Abilities, WeaknessesEdit

These vary based on the shape the Vitael was given. If Vitael was born as an orc, it will share an orc's share of strengths and weaknesses. Ditto if it were a dog, a scarecrow, or anything else.

There are additional weaknesses preserved within staff files, disclosed to race players.


Although Vitaels do have a specified meaning of life, they have no connection to that person and can, if they want to, leave to live their own life. If they would fulfill their meaning of life, they won't disappear. In fact, most of the time the creator of the Vitael doesn't even know they made one.

Think of it as an inner spirit that doesn't have to depend on the person creating them after they have been created. Except for the fact that a person can only have one inner spirit, but can create multiple Vitaels if they would have a need strong enough, or enough situations where they wish for help. 


Vitael do not age. They remain the same age at which they were imagined and do not grow older or younger.


Vitael can breed normally with other races (assuming the form can), but the result will not be a vitael.


Vitaels cannot be resurrected as they are product of the imagination and do not have a real "life" as a born, genuine, being would have.