A diverse group of beings that can merge to become a single (albeit variable) god when all of them are present in one location. In Cove they are revered as gods as well, and reside in the North Woods somewhere in the self-titled Castle of the Thirteen, somewhat removed from society. Clarifying note: None of the thirteen are gods by themselves, they must all come together and 'merge' in to one creature that is actually a god. The dominant one at the time of the merging decides who the god is, so if "Blade" were the dominant one, the resulting god is her as the god of weapons. Outside of merging, they are not gods in any shape or form, the title is just to let you know what god they would be if they came out on top during the merge.


  • Open status: This is part of an available plot you can be part of once you've been a member for a while! 
  • This list is very outdated (some names are no longer applicable, but their spots are pending to be filled so there's no point in saying they're "open" - keep an eye out for updates on the status of the Thirteen.)


The Thirteen, as they currently stand now:

  1. BloodMaiden - Goddess of Blood
    1. Malus - Coven to the 13
  2. Blade - Goddess of Weapons
  3. Tarza - The watcher, Goddess of Sight and Logs (Secretary of the gods)
  4. Mia - Goddess of Dedication and Art - It is believed Mia will often rebirth for new inspiration. She may very well be wondering the world of Faerune.
    1. Hopti - Blood Bonded Martial Artist
  5. Star - Goddess of Spite
  6. Verian Dracul - Goddess of the Masochists - The Eater - It is said when there is a betrayer in the Castle of 13 or one of the sisters needs to retire it is the Eater who is called in to devoure the being. It is considered the honorable death.
    1. Mr. Twinkles - Teddy Bear
  7. Open* -Inquire to play
  8. Isirea - Goddess of Lies and Secrets
  9. Maurdray Deloncre - Undetermined
  10. Open
  11. Open
  12. Open
  13. Devine - Goddess of good tidings (Party Advocate)
  14. D. - God of Protection and Patience.