Male fairy

A male Skari.

Small, mischevious, helpful, and annoying are just but a few accurate descriptions for the Skari. They know how to pull a prank as well as pull people out of depressions. They may be small, but they have (figurative) hearts larger than most. Wing differences (translucent, butterfly, bat, etc.) doesn't really factor in here. They are not considered classed under "Winged Humanoid" either.


The Skari have little history because they hardly bothered to write it down, let alone remember it. Several reasons for why this may be have been speculated, from a short attention span to simply not caring enough about the past. There has been one notable exception found to their memory: a Skari once scorned never forgets to pay you back.

Their michevious nature also accounts for Faerune history's misinterpretations and various names for the Skari. If you use names like slyphs, pixies, or other names of the sort are often used to describe Skaris, you've fallen into one of their greatest pranks of misdirection of all time. By keeping their powers so well hidden and plaguing the uneducated, they have been able to conceal their acts.

Of course, this too is speculation, but is one of the soundest theories Faerune Scholars have. They have also found that, unless you typically have some pact or way to control the Skari, you can hardly ever trust them.

They are considered part of the Fae race in the same way a third-cousin still technically counts as family to the most open minded.


Cannot survive underwater. Not one has ever figured out why, but they simply cannot swim.

Otherwise most places they can do fairly well in, though the less windy the better.



Spans anywhere between 120 - 200 years.


Typically never more than a foot tall.


Varies between a few ounces and 2 pounds.




Breeding is interesting for them though is typically kept within the race itself (Yes there are both MALE and FEMLAE Skari) Inter-racial breeding is possible, its a simple issue of size. If you can figure out a work-around, its probably okay.