God of Fire and Nature. Fallen.

Creator of the Zacht race. First Emperor of Yeux Rouge.

Lore about SiriusEdit

He is the esteemed and powerful god-emperor of Yeux Rouge, father of all Zachts. Due to his power set it was also believed he governed the North Woods. He had a public almost-wedding with the goddess Fate .

It was he who brought Yeux Rouge to glory. He was wrongly stripped of his power and his kingdom destroyed. Some seek to reclaim the land and hopefully bring him back. 

What you didn't know...Edit

Sirius is a man greedy for power. So much that he succeeded in becoming a god. First he took over the village of Yeux Rouge with underhanded tactics against the original leader, Dameon, and turned it into an empire with him as its Emperor. He started to demand they worship him as a god, rewrote their history books into bibles in dedication to have had him display great power.

Generations later it had sunk in.

He made the Zacht race, heading them with four guardian sons as the original beings. He named them by number in Yeux's language to further their position beneath him. One of the sons, the first son, was not actually his but the original leader of Yeux Rouge.

Sirius eventually tried to take over the gods, using Un's connection to the current Head Goddess to get close and try and force her to wed him instead, ensuring his spot at the top. His plan was thwarted and weakened Sirius had to regroup. He rose his temple, his church, into the air to remind his people that he was still all that he was, and hid away with his concubines. That is until a wild demon lost its self control and tore the kingdom apart. At this same time the Head Goddess passed judgement with her court... Sirius was stripped of his power, he and his church fell from the sky and joined the ruins of his empire.

Demi, his son with Malificent Deloncre, tried to rise up into his father's previous shoes.... 

OOC FactsEdit

Family TreeEdit

  • Fate (Rune) - Daughter In Law
  • Un - "Son" (Married to Rune)
    • Malmihn - Grandaughter
    • Boniface - Grandson
  • Deux - "Son"
    • Char - Great-grandson
  • Trois - "Son"
  • Quatre - "Son"
  • Demi - Son (with Malificent Deloncre)
  • Cinquante - "Son" (Clone of Un)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit