A type of troll. Yours doesn't have to look exactly like this, but it gives a decent impression


Trolls are one of those races whose creation has been lost along with the old gods. It is said that the original trolls were creatures of darkness, prefering subteranian areas where light never touched. Borrowing from Dwarven tales, encounters between the two races reinforce this idea, though no concrete evidence has ever been shown. It was also believed that if any troll were to be exposed to sunlight, they would turn into stone. The apperance of some, who seem grotesque or deformed by most standards as many creatures of the dark can be also suggests a subterannian origin. They seem to have no problem switching between being diurnal or nocturnal for their sleeping habits, but prefer being nocturnal.

Of course, with trolls now being mostly surface dwellers (though some still prefer caves) the idea that sunlight turns them to stone has been abolished. They have never indulged magic and have kept their lives and minds simple for many years because of this. There have been some exceptions int he past, but even those never showed any magical fortitude. They are another example of why keeping a history is key to understanding origins in order to hopefully forge a better future, as some say they predate even the existance of the elves.


Trolls are able to exist in virtually any climate except under water. Whatever climate/geography they come from will be an adjective descriptor of what kind of troll they are, even if they all wind up looking the same.

  • Forest Troll tends to live in forests and might resemble them with green skin
  • Sea trolls would live near the sea and might resemble it with blue skin
  • Mountain Trolls would live in mountains and might resemble it with brown/red tented skin
  • etc.

For obvious reasons there would be no such things as lava trolls.


A redeeming strength

Trolls are known to have one of the best regenerative abilities in all of Faerune. They won't be regrowing arms over night, but over several months this has actually been shown to be possible with proper medical assistance. Things like acids and other substances that would burn must be removed before any sort of regeneration is possible.

The only true Fatal blow to a Troll is removing its head or some other blow that would render the troll unable to recover. Trolls have been known to even still be alive, though dormant, with a pierced heart or lung while the body repairs itself, so it pays to be thorough.


They can live to be roughly 130 - 150 years old


Taller humans, typically maxing out just shy of 11 feet.




Anything a human could eat, so can a troll.


Trolls can breed with anything that can breed outside its species.