Woods steeped in magic, the forest had grown thick and lush in many places providing more than enough shade as light can't penetrate the canopy. In other places light is checkered and pock-marked, with a shimmer in the light that filters through. It is not without its dangers and blessings.

Roomy and vast, the forest takes up a majority of the continent and houses the network of trade roads that were used before portals were made for more efficient travel. Some of those roads have overgrown, some have simply thinned, being still used by the occasional traveller determined to see the world and stop to smell the roses.

Calling the woods home are a few groups and individuals, ranging from Gypsies and Packs to personal abodes and experimental hubs.

Guarding and governing the woods is the Spirit of the North Woods.

The History of the north woods is more then simple. There was once a city in the center of the lands the castle was great to the south and east and west there were massives forests but to the north there was only a small wooded area. Fyord was a once tower belonging to mages of Nihl in the old days, (What was once Cove.) stood as the only building with in those woods. Battles had happened at the main north gate between the dragons and Fyord. Many Centuries had the tower try to murder the two dragons who posed as humans, in the end the dragons were out done by trickery and deception of one of thier own kind.

The magic in those centuries caused the woods to grow and continue to till those trees took over the other woods arouns them, you can always tell a tree from the North woods.. They seem to move to Magic like the plants try for the sun.