The land of the gods, new and old. It is a island continent landmass in the southeast corner of the Faerune. 

History (Pending)

When the first gods were chased out of their society, they came to ______, an content slightly smaller than the size of Australia. Upon a mountain they redirected the flow of the ley lines to keep new gods from performing without the faith of followers to support them. They used this energy to generate large and violent rainstorms to protect them from anyone that might wish to finish them off or stop their plan.

The plan ultimately failed, for reasons that are widely argued over, the mountain erupted violently with stored energy, tearing the content asunder.

Half remained in tact and this was called Karishnia. The smaller islands to the north, known as the shattered isles, were so twisted with magic that each has its own unique and often severe climate and ecosystem. Hardly any one of them is like another. It is said that the wrong step amongst these isles will leave you hopelessly lost and incapable of finding your way home.


The number of gods that live there has become almost nothing. Hardly a soul even braves a trip there, for there seems nothing to gain by doing so.

During the Great Mana Loss, which threatened the world born of magic, the smaller islands have mysteriously become far more fierce in their climates.

The Great Well


The Shattered Isles