Zombies may come in several flavors of creation, but for the sake of simplicity we treat them all pretty much the same.

They are undead, they can turn others into the undead (you've got to kill the character first, of course). This will always happen through an exchange of bodily fluids (zombie saliva in a bite, zombie blood splashing into your eye, mouth, up your nose, in your ear, etc., zombie boogies? maybe even that if it floats your boat.) If you are attacked by a zom

They are slow moving and fairly unintelligent (if not outright mindless). They cannot regenerate on their own like the living can. Zombies must be repaired, much like a machine, rather than regenerate.

They tend to not be particularly strong, but have a very high endurance/stamina and can last for quite the while without feeding on flesh.

Where cures are available for certain infections, they must be taken BEFORE YOU DIE. If you wish to be resurrected from a zombie status, the 1 month of death rule + a staff approved questing still applies.


Zombies date back to the first necromancer in Faerune. Time has lost the records of the events. Some say it was a little girl wanting to bring her dog back to life, others say the acts of demons. Whatever the case, zombies aren't the newest thing to Faerune.


Graves to start, then wherever they may roam.


  • If you are a zombie made from a necormancer and that necromancer loses their powers/dies, you fall apart on the spot unless someone else takes you under their necromatic wing.


How long they lived + how long they've been dead






Brains and flesh.