Goddess of the Moon and Animal kind.

Creator of the Weres (Zonlest) , the Zoanthropes (Taltzschim) , and the Anthros (Fiarzki) .

Lore surrounding LunaEdit

Luna is the goddess of the Moon but she is also governed by it. Every blue moon she goes into a fit of rage. Every full moon her followers prosper. 

She came to Faerune on the plea of a wolf named Viloo, and merged with the wolf, who became an animal spirit. She aided the animals against the encroaching hunters and who did not die was cursed with what would later lead to call them zonlests. It was their punishment, and even after the "war" was over they were still bound by it as a reminder.

Taltzschims were those who had earned forgivenes, keeping their transformation powers without the demands of the moon's appearance or the dangers of losing their minds with blind fury when they did.

Luna and Viloo eventually separated bodies, but Viloo remains very loyal to the goddess that brought her aid.



Viloo can appear in any natural animal form. Her duty is to bring followers to Luna and carry out what missions she can for the goddess. Be it to seek someone out, or problem solve something on her own.

They once shared a body when Luna first came to Faerune, and when separated Viloo resumed what life she had left, being an animal spirit with new responsibilities. She has a family of her own now, too.

What you didn't know...Edit

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Luna with aid created another world in view of her moon, she named it Merosah after the core that made it possible. This is a work in progress, perhaps unfinished as Luna has actually stepped down and had Shakia replace her as Luna the Goddess of the Moon. She now lives as Luandria, a schwanamay. 

OOC FactsEdit

Family TreeEdit

  • Shakia (daughter)
  • Viloo (animal spirit)
    • Conall (godson)
    • Conan (godson)
    • Shelah (goddaughter)
    • Lycurgeous (animal spirit's mate)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • As she is the reason behind the curse of the weres and the result of the zoanthropes she has the power to take it away or make it even more permanent. She can give this ability to those in high standing with her as well.

Luna's Blessing badge


Badge of the Lycan Spirit that can force people into their animal states