Crest of the House of Shadows

"What is Good is not always Right. What is Right is not always Good."

Creed and Purpose

One of the earliest lessons children born to the House of Shadows learns is this: Respect the Balance, Obey the Gods; this is where the honor of our House lies. It is the first of many such lessons taught to the children.

At first glance, this household seems to be nothing more than a haven for demons. This is not the case, as many who are deemed grotesque or outcast can seek refuge from them. It is the goal of the House to maintain the Balance, the various levels of good and evil, light and dark. This is a Nuetral group, serving all the Gods though many will eventually serve one primarily.

Heirarchy and Living

Leading the House are the ruling Matriarch and Patriarch. All 

others are members of the House. Some were born to it, others married in, and the rest taken in for a variety of reasons.Not all members of the House of Shadows reside in Shadow Pass. Most live their lives outside of those boundaries, leading their own lives. They are always welcome in the Pass and are given the hidden location of the Shadow House. The Shadow House, or House Heart, is hidden among the trees and guarded by some of the nastiest creatures it has to offer. Matriarch: Corinthian         Patriarch: Kori Ryuujin

Joining and Sanctuary

Generally, if someone is not born into the House, they can be approached by the Matriarch or Patriarch. However, interested parties might try approaching them and stating their case for seeking membership. Just because membership might be declined, that doesn't mean Sanctuary will be as well.

Being granted Sanctuary by the House doesn't mean you have their protection. It simply means you can travel in Shadow Pass without being harassed by its creatures.