A mischevious race that plays on one's true fears for fun and profit. This character race is available upon request only, as the membership of BU prefer to have this one listed as restricted due to the potential of abuse it holds. It is a difficult race to play, requiring a lot of player interaction OOC.


For as long as fear has been around there had been those who pray upon it. From the Mystics came a race of beings invisible to the eye who could see into your worst nightmares and show them to you and everyone else around you. A crippling fear, they'd aim for, something to stop you in your tracks for a time or hyperventilate to your own end. Mischevious as well, they'll prey on you for mere laughs, or to expose a secret you didn't want people to know. Frictwars, they were called, would even stalk you if you tried to run after piquing their interest, making them effective trackers. How they know isn't certain, but lore suggests they imprint upon you in some way that allows them to follow you. Turn their attention on someone else and you may be freed. Wive's tales encourage you to ward them off with piles of salt, or nailing a horse shoe over the doorway... but these don't work. Frictwars might humor you though, and wait just outside the door, trapping you inside.

Over the years Frictwars had melded into society as some stepped up to befriend others, used his skills for fairer good and now a good majority of them make a living this way. Commonly playing interrogators to get answers, or scaring children into behaving themselves lest they come eat them.

However, like every being with its own mind, not all have to be what society considers correct and good.


They feel comfortable in nice confined (but not cluttered) spaces, like old chimneys, under bridges, in an unused cabinate, etc. When owning homes they like one-room shacks. Very solitary in nature, its rare to see Frictwars team up.



100 years, average.




Fears of others.


Notes for Players of This Race

Proper Roleplayers will not use these out of context. Things written here are for player's knowledge only and must not be used out of character's own knowledge. Doing so is frowned upon and you may and will be called out for it. So unless you are this race, do not claim to know the following.


  • Invisibility
  • Ability to see into darkest fears and project them to a vast extent.
  • Teleportation (Minimum of several miles)
  • Tracking by mental imprint.


  • Have normal weaknesses (if you can hit them)
  • Magic proves more efficient, especially ones that affect an area rather than a point of interest.
  • Embarassment... to an extent.