(Crop of Susan Boulet's Shapeshifter)

Another creature from the mystics that can change forms at will. It is in their nature as breathing is to many beings, and the process comes just as simply and easy. They are highly adaptive, and habit forming, learning and keeping traits developed over their lifetime. It has not been figured what it is in their system that allows them to do such. They are not limited to creatures, however they cannot mix-and-match, and cannot do something of the imagination. Thier body chemistry reflects that of the form they take, and only abilities and resistances tend to translate between if used often. However unlike some others in their category, they cannot achieve like-mindedness unless "raised" to do so.

They are sensitive to chemical changes (like poisoning and medicines in general), and need a lesser dose than the creature it would appear to be as. If within what they consider their "base" form, the wrong dosage could be deadly.


Formianas entered the world when Vizianas (Shifters) were experimented heavily on until they quite literally broke apart into two distinct races that are shamefully quite offset. The leftovers from this became the Cienanas (Shadowshifters). Possessing more freedom and confidence, a few indulged curiosity of travel and moved into greater Faerune.



Between 30 and 90 years


Varies by form.


Varies by form.


Formianas can digest and use just about anything, but tend to stick to habits if they frequent a form. So those who hang out with vampires as a vampire, will more likely prefer blood. One that lives as a termite will prefer wood.


Formianas can breed with all humanoids but in order to create a formiana, it must be two that come together. Elsewise, the offspring will take the traits of the partner, but will have heightened learning ability. They usually have no more than two children at a time, and children tend to leave home at an early age.