Delut-Dozorkas are a slendered, longlived being. They live in close-knit groups, and depending on these groups can have their own opinions toward other races. Some believe in purity of their own kind, staying to the area they choose to settle and resenting all others. Others are more open in that regard, living side by side with many other races, though still calling back to their ideals of a tribe-oriented being.

Depending on where they choose to grow up and thrive, they can aquire a number of skills.


(History to come)


They can be found in a myraid of environments, and no matter where they do, Delut-Dozorkas hold a close connection to the land, adapting their life heavily around it and working to preserve and moderate it a little moreso than their Rondzi counterparts, which only seem to possess this quality if they are nomadic herders.


Delut-Dozorkas share many similarities to Rondzis (humans), though are smaller, live longer, and have slightly better hearing thanks to the shaped ears. (This means they don't have nose-or-ear-of-dog or eye of bird of prey)


Range anywhere between 160 - 900 years of age, no more than 1000.

They age a bit slower than Ronzdi's.


Average of 4 to 5 feet.


males range from 148-163 lbs and females from 100-120 lbs


A mixed diet of meat and vegetation.


Reproduce sexually, following same rules as Humans.