The most important thing to remember is that this is how Boundless Universe (Faerune) percieves races and what the membership expects from anyone playing a race.

What's with the weird names next to the races?

Trivia and fun, mostly. In effort to make BU as unique as possible we considered making new names for all basic races. It was a fun project and even more fun to give a little more depth to things. You don't have to use the name, but if you want to give your characters some instant color, you can have them refer to races by their trivia names and see who does their homework.

Not all of them have this though?

User created races generally have weird and unique names as it is. Why change that?

Not all of these are on the race selector in Character Creation. Why?

A race may be labled Restricted, and if that's the case then you need to ask permission to play it. Often times the restriction is simply a population control (if something is meant to be rare then it doesn't make sense to have it played by everyone who walks in, right?) or because the designer of the race wants to keep tabs on who's who. This could be so they could involve you in race-based plots, or simply be able to answer any questions you might have on the race. So it can't hurt to ask.

Can I make up a race?

YES! Scrawl up a race sheet for us and turn it in on the forum . Make sure it's a nice complete idea, we'll be looking for:

  • Uniqueness to other races
  • A decent balance of pros and cons (strengths and weaknesses)
    • Weaknesses will not always be listed on the wikia, as a compromise to prevent godmodding the staff have a file full of the extreme weaknesses that creators don't want to be common knowledge.
  • Fitting with the world you're making it for.
  • Completeness (meaning, things need to be consistant throughout and make sense) 
  • Must have two unique kill methods (this excludes things like decapitation and blood loss)

If you need help we're happy to brainstorm with you and work out any kinks you may be having. If we reject your sheet, we will tell you why so you can tweak it. More often than not, a no can easily turn into a yes. 

So how can I set my race to it once I have permission?

Just message a staff member and they'll fix it right on up. In some cases the owner or regulator of the race will have already told someone to do it.

Uh there's many types of ________ you know.

Yes we know. Just like they're many types of humans in the real world we're still labled human. In fact we pitch a fit when we're referred to by our type of human. So while there are many types of Elves, you're still an elf. Also please remember this is Boundless Universe and the area you might be playing this elf might not consider multiple types of elves in their world.

Why are there no _____?

Some races have culture conflict, either between players or with the world itself. These races will eventually be added when the community can come to an agreement on how to bring them about.

The biggest example of this is angels and demons for the medieval fantasy world, Faerune (NOT D&D's Faerun). Angels cause a lot of grief and conflict with ooc and ic religions, as people with angels tend to follow the real world vision of God rather than the ic world of multiple gods. Then you've got your people who are easily offended by a "poorly played" "angel of God" and in the end it is easiest and in everyone's best interest that our fantasy world does not have "angels". Demons, oddly enough, were easy to adapt in people's minds to not have anything to do with Hell, and there's so many types of demons that it was just easier all around to accept.

Yes we've tried to take the same look on Angels, but it just never clicked. So we offer alternatives, Winged Humanoids, so that players who would like to use angel images can still do so. It's a step taken only because the name was changed (weird, huh?!)

We have one in the works though that will combine the best of both worlds, hopefully!

Do I have to follow these to the letter?

Yes and no.

For the most part, the basic races are malleable within reason. The racial profile is just a guide.

For the Races that are player created, you will have to discuss this with the Race's creator. It wouldn't be right for you to take their creation and take it apart, right?

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