The world was said to be born of magic and from that magic came the first forms of life. Few could weild the energy that created them better than the Higher Beings as they first came to be called. The Higher Beings used magic as easily as they could breathe and more efficiently than any tool the first ancestors could ever create. They refused to consider themselves different from their brothers and sisters, but quickly became elevated in their status and were sought after by crowds. They begged and pleaded with them to perform miracles with their powers, offering them sacrificies and a new form of power; Faith.

Thus the Old Gods were born, though they still refused to consider themselves at such at first. When the followers became too many, and the burdens of helping others began to overwhelm them, most fled. They settled on a continent island called The Mystics and made it their home. Meanwhile, in anger of being abandonned, followers turned on those that remained. It is believed that some survived this onsalught and this began the creation of some of the dark gods.

Over many years and with a gap in their lives, and an urge to fill it, people turned to their nation's heroes instead and began feeding their faith into them. Soon these heros were able to perform the same miracles as the Old Gods and this secret soon spread. Many of the Old Gods were enraged by this and drew all of the magic in the world to their corner of the world to make it more difficult for the newer gods to perform their miracles in hopes of breaking the faith of their followers.

This plan failed horribly and the magic that they stored there ultimately destroyed The Mystics as they once knew it, turning it into the patchwork of mysteries that it is today. Those that survived made the best of what they could and continued to call it their home, some out of penance for the actions of the other gods, some out of sheer stubborness. Eventually, some brave or desperate enough journeyed back to the main continent, where they were now only legends, and restarted their pantheons. 

The southwest half of the continent that survived became known as Karishnia and the northeast the Shattered Isles. It is said, especially amongst the Shattered Isles, that the wrong step will leave you eternally lost and incapable of finding your way home.

How gods work in BUEdit

The gods are player characters, not NPCs. If you want a special position beneath a god then you should speak to that god before stating such things on your character.

Can anyone become a god?Edit

For the most part, YES! Your character becoming a god is the highest tier they can achieve. Here's what you need to consider and do before it is official:

  1. Of course you also need to be a member in good standing. The staff will take nominations for gods and can turn down anyone's quest to become one if they have had problems in the past that would make them untrustworthy or unfit for such a high rank of a character.
  2. Be a member for at least a year, being active (we're talking 6-8 months of being on twice a week or something for you to be considered "here". Not sign up in January play a single day, disappear and then reappear in October.) [Livestream Discussion 3/9/13] 
    • Being a god isn't just glory. It is also work. Gods are living plot devices. You send people on quests, you demand things of them. You help them shape their characters, not just your own. This is why we prefer active people.
  3. Before you can claim godhood you need to have 5 followers comprised of at least two different players. You may play 1-2 of your own followers and can have 2-4 people in high position beneath them (ie High Priest/esses, Chosen Ones, Oracles, etc) [Livestream Discussion 3/9/13]

How can I get my character to have god status?Edit

Regardless of these three things there are a few different ways you can ICly become a god in BU. If you want an existing character to rise to godhood then it requires work and effort usually. Your character has to achieve fame, get followers, and however long it takes for that to happen is however long it takes for it to.

Sometimes a god may transfer their power or appoint you to their position as they step down. That's definitely one of the easiest methods but this isn't necessarily going to be your character as you remember it. Sometimes the title of the god causes a renaming... so you won't be Bob the God of Travel, but Glidier the God of Travel, for instance.

But what if you don't want a particular character to become a god? What if you want to just start fresh with a new god since you have the qualifications otherwise? Well its not all that different. You'll just be playing a god that has lost its way... you have to have it regain fame and followers before it can rise to power. Which is essentially the same thing as your character, who is already known probably, would have to do.

However, you could play a character born into it, too. The members of BU have decided this on the "genetics" of godhood [Livestream Discussion 3/9/13]:

  • God/dess x God/dess = God/dess
  • God/dess x mortal = Demigod/dess
  • Demigod/dess x God/dess = 
  • Demigod/dess x Demigod/dess = Titan
  • Demigod/dess x mortal = mortal
  • Titan x God/dess = 
  • Titan x Demigod/dess = 
  • Titan x mortal = 

The births of these characters should ideally be done in chat. But exceptions may apply, and must be made aware to the staff (so we know what's going on and can update informations where appropriate and can approve of the person to play the child because of point #1 about being a member of good standing).

I am about to submit a race/kingdom/etc that worships or was created by a god that isn't going to be played. It's strictly lore reasons. Is this okay?Edit

We're always trying to shape the world. Before you go and make new dieties please check with any remotely relevant ones to see if they don't have something that would work for you. After all lore changes by word of mouth, the original god may be male, but if stories spread of it as a female doesn't mean that there really is a female god of that nature! 

If this doesn't work out then come to us about it when you submit your project just so we're all on the same page about it.

Why isn't there more information about _____?Edit

Some of these gods are from the early stages of the site and if their player is no longer around its hard to drum up enough of a memory about them. I (Rhodes speaking!) didn't feel they should just be wiped out of the history, since some people like to use what basic history they can to make a character that has lived someplace its whole life.

It'd be pretty dumb to not know about a now-deceased god that was alive and heavily worshipped when you were growing up! The very least I can do is provide to you what I can.

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