Not to be confused with Faerun of DnD, Faerune is not connected to the real-life globe. The history itself is much like any world, something that depends on what your beliefs are. To the devotedly religious, the world was sculpted by deities and which one is another discussion based where you live. To those not, it is a product of irrelevant nature, created by the reaction of events over time.

Either way, Faerune has a plethora of colorful creations and a rich heritage as diverse as our own. It has its problems, such as a bitter rivalry among the gods, and as not all kingdoms follow the same arcana, beliefs clash and wars ignite.

Question is.... are you starting fires... or putting them out?

Facts and Stats

  • There is no Heaven or Hell in this setting. Nor are there real-life religions.
  • This is a limited high fantasy, there are some steampunk aspects but are not allowed to progress too far in order to preserve the nature of a "medieval" time frame.

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