Like most places nowadays Boundless Universe has badges and awards you can proudly display as a sign of your character's achievements and life condition. There is no point value to them, but people seem to love them anyway and respect their symbolism. These stem through two basic sizes, large and small.

Not all badges are listed, we have so many to offer and more are made every day! Check the forum for up to date list and to apply for the badges. 

We also have a yearly awards give out where people nominate and vote folks for who should deserve "of the year" status.

Large (Quest)

Quest badges should be self explanatory, but there are some conditions that will throw you for a loop. They are generally used for those who have started, participated(ing), or finished a quest.

Some are temporary, showing only while you are in a particular condition (such as pregnant or engaged), and some will last the duration of the character's playing existence.

Most (not all) of these badges can be earned more than once, too, marked by simply adding a number of times achieved!


Expecting- Can you hear the patter of little feet? More then likely this character can feel them. Due _____.

  • Please tell us whom the child(ren)'s father is, just for our records.
  • You must remain pregnant for a minimum of 9 weeks RL time starting the day you post on our forum. 

Engaged - Congrats for the Engagement it has taken you so long to get to this point. Be wise and stray from the taverns for now on! Either this was the person who said "Marry me..." or the one who said "Yes!"

  • Only one of you need to apply. Please state the future spouse.
  • Can be multiple.

Destroyer - This is given to characters who have fought with others and have destroyed an area of chat  Number of times destroyed something is present on badge.

  • Please check with room owner for permission, if no owner, talk to an admin. (For weathering purposes)
  • You are eligible for the badge whether you are hero or villain. Destruction happens.

Killer - Given to a character who has killed another. *NOT NPC DEATHS* Number of kills present on badge.

  • Killing your own characters with another of your characters will not earn you a badge. It will count as an NPC.

Bounty - This character has a reward set out for them. Details may be found somewhere on the forum... in a kingdom's news section...

  • Have a bounty on someone? Let us know. We'll even make a poster for it for the topic (-hint- you should icly start this on the forum somewhere), and they'll receive this nifty badge.
Blessed Blessed

-This character was blessed (typically) by a deity.

Cursed Cursed

- This character was cursed (typically) by a deity.

Mindwhipe Psionic Devour

This is given to those who get their memories removed due to a psionic battle.

Keeperofsouls Keeper of Souls

This character has shown that they understand the precarious balance between life and death. This character is approved to resurrect other characters.

Keeperofsoulsnecro Keeper of souls - Necromancer

This character has progressed in the art of necromancy enough to be able to use the bodies of former characters to make undead creations.

Bodyswap Body Swapper

This character's skills in dealing with spirits has allowed them to be able to swap the bodies of others, maybe their own, without much repercussion.

Savior Savior

You helped to save someone's life and now they'd like to thank you!


Here is a person who is manipulating the strings to get things done, dastardly or otherwise...

Opportunity Strikes

When the cat's away the mice will play, right? This badge is usually found on people who took advantage of a situation, or defended it from those who did.


Tossing a wrench in someone's plans is always fun to be had!


For a character that is always ready or constantly helps their nation or nations.

Quest List

As quests are something that come and go, it did not seem reasonable to put up an active list with pictures like the other badges. So, if you're hankering to get some quest related badges: Keep your eyes open! Some you will receive just as soon as you get into it, some you get only when finished... some will cost something of your characters... some will cost nothing.

But here's an example

Trial by ordeal

Trial By Ordeal [Completed] Given to people who have helped Syka on his worldwide quest to get his magic back.

Keep your eyes peeled and yourself open to opportunities and people for your chance to earn an exclusive quest badge. For a list of current quest badge opportunities (but not all of them!) check out the forum.


Unique badges, typically OOC related.


No One Left Behind - Play with anyone, everyone. Get them involved.

Plap Player Appreciation

- We hear great things about you.

Creaquest Plot Creation

- The more your plot pulls in... the more likely you'll get this award.

Survive Play It Out -Survive-

- Does not matter what you throw at this player, they will play it out. Thank you for not AUTO overcoming!

Brownie Brownie points

- Has done an exceptional job helping the staff with the site that we baked you something special!


- Has created art of characters, background, maps, etc. for the site.

Small (Award)


Royal Royalty

Married - Married to ______ [--/--/--]

  • Name spouse as well. May be multiple.
        • Must be done in chat.
  • Divorce

    Divorced - No longer married to ____

  • Name ex-spouse as well. Might be multiple.</li></li>
  • Widow

    'Widow/er - The left-behind wife/husband of ___

  • Spouse must die in chat. Exceptions may apply, seek admin.</li></li>
  • Bonded

    Bonded - Bonded to _______ [--/--/--]

  • Customizable for the image to be of a special symbol. Or leave as is if none such thing appears.
          • Name who the bonded are.
  • Slave Slave  

    Owned by ____ (as of --/--/--)


    Resurrection (1up) - You were brought back from the afterlife with little to no side effects... aren't you special.

  • Must be dead for 1 month before attempting to be ressurected. Restrictions may apply. Speak to Admin for more details.</li></li>
  • Death

    Death Great jo---oh wait, you're dead. Well, that puts a damper on things.

  • Please don't apply for if you intend on deleting character.</li></li>
  • Protected Protection 

    This character is under the protection of another.

    Nottabum Notta Bum  

    This person actually has a job.

    • Character working for another character or a kingdom.

    Jailed In _____. If you see this character wandering around, please OOCly direct them back to their cell.

  • If a character had managed to escape, they would not have this badge.</li></li>
  • Parent

    Proud Parent Mother/Father of __ child(ren).

    • Given to the parents of children born or played in chat.
    • States number of, without telling with whom or who the children are.


    These badges signify that character is a member of a group. You can learn more about different groups here .

    Another type of social badge is the awards given yearly by member vote. We call them the BELCH awards.


    These badges are given by the staff when earned.

    Donation Alms for the Poor 

    - Love BU? Thanks to the person wearing this badge, we can afford it.

    Recruitment Recruitment 

    - People wearing his have brought in people. Thanks to these people's efforts, we have others to play with.

    Burpadvertiser Advertising 

    - You've gotten us around a lot with actual ADS! So we gave you a badge.

    GoodSport Good Sport 

    - Something trivial occurred and these people didn't complain to take time out and fix it.

    Helphand Helping Hands 

    - People wearing this badge were caught candidly helping someone.

    Helper Helper 

    - You're beyond just a helping hand, you're practically certified.

    Gencontest Contest Winner 

    - Sometimes contests are just for fun. But we can't just let you walk away empty handed for winning. Have a badge?

    CreativeCharacter Creative Character 

    - You broke the mold with this one.


    Extra Credit This person goes the extra mile to make their character alive.

    • Stuff like writing with the character's accent rather than saying they have one.
    FaeruneLegend Faerune Legend 

    - You're known for something far and wide.

    Collector Collector 

    - For those who have collected 2 or more bounties.

    Clever Clever Fox 

    - For those who have simply managed to outwit, out-maneuver, or otherwise foil your opponent.

    Approved Approved 

    - Proof positive that something in your profile has been approved by a Staff member.