House Symbol of Ashmore

This is the Ashmore House. The Ashmore House was founded shortly after the building of Castle Dracheen.

The Family follows  the following codes of ethics to the best of their ability;

To Live:

  1. Live one’s life so that it is worthy of respect and honor.
  2. Live for freedom, Justice and all that is good.

Fair Play:

  1. Never attack an unarmed foe.
  2. Never use your full potential on an enemy that cannot hope to stand a chance against it.
  3. Never use your enemies loved one’s against him or her.
  4. Never attack from behind.
  5. Avoid Cheating.
  6. Avoid Torture.


  1. Exhibit self control.
  2. Show respect to authority.
  3. Obey the laws if they don’t supercede the rights of life.
  4. Administer Justice.
  5. Administer Mercy.
  6. Protect the innocent.
  7. Respect women.


  1. Exhibit courage in word and deed.
  2. Defend the weak and innocent.
  3. Fight for an ideal, freedom for example.
  4. Fight with honor.
  5. Avenge the wronged.
  6. Never betray a friend, ally or noble cause.


  1. Always keep one’s word of honor.
  2. Always maintain one’s principles.
  3. Never betray a confidence or comrade.
  4. Avoid deception.
  5. Respect life.
  6. Honor all life.
  7. Respect all views of life.



  1. Exhibit manners.
  2. Be polite and attentive.
  3. Be respectful of host, women and honor.


  1. To one’s principles and heart.
  2. To one’s friends and those who lay their trust in you.
  3. To the code.


Ashmore Family Ring

Tae'varth's ring is slightly different as it glows when one of his family is in danger, all rings link back to his. A soft pulsating glow from the ring that glows more prominently and faster when he is near the family member in danger. Tae's ring is the only one that does this. The ring of the head of household of Ashmore, the ring lets him know when another whom wears the crest is in danger and helps lead him to them.