(Still a work in progress) 2217 - This is a futuristic world of Earth. The resources have all been used and what is left is the grunts. The wealthy have moved in to the higher elevations of life, some to the recently made settlement on the newly tera formed Mars that has turned in to a tropical paradise. Earth has reached it's highest levels of polution and toxicity. Those left be hind have either two places, they are the commanders or they are the workers.

Oxygen is rare, and for the workers of earth in 2217, they work the mines gathering as many resources as possible to pay for 'air'. Shipments of metals and oils are used for trade to the Cylintron. Those of Earth work to be able to live. MechHead is the other major company, they are stationed on Earth and try their best to make that life liveable. Rustic cybernetics, adapatable medical mutations, all this brought to you by MechHead Industries.

2217 is a non magic setting, there are ressurections but you may not like what you become. Human, Cybernetic, Mutation, Drone, and Beast are the main races created.


This is the leading branch of Cybernetics,

MechHead IndustriesEdit

MechHeads is the second largest company on Earth, witht he main focus of Cyilintron being on the teraformed paradise of Mars they are left to try and make their earnings and better the life style of those who have been abbandoned to Earth.

The HordeEdit

Needing of a better organ? Are you running out of Pep, bring your mined earnings to the horde and make your first payment on a new organ. Be certain to pay on time or we come to collect.


Beauty is only skin deep, but not for this company. Kalos is based on the sins of desire and flesh, anything and everything can be done, this is a medical industry that gives upgrades and advancements only to the wealthy. They have been known to cruely alter the lesser beings of earth if they dare try to purchase something from this company. This exclusive branch carries some of the most amazing advances.